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DeBACCO is an easier way to quit smoking or chewing tobacco/gutkha. It does not contain any of the carcinogens (more than 50 cancer-causing agents), carbon monoxide, tar and more than the 4000 other harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and other tobacco products. DeBACCO only contains a ‘clean’ form of nicotine.

How will DeBACCO help me?
When you are trying to quit the smoking or chewing tobacco/gutkha habit, you may experience some of the common withdrawal symptoms like cravings, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, headaches, constipation, sleeplessness and drowsiness. DeBACCO helps reduces these symptoms and allows your body to adjust to the gradual decrease in the intake of nicotine.

How does one use DeBACCO?

Place the DeBACCO pastille between gum and cheek and suck slowly (take up to 10-15 minutes per pastille). DeBACCO is meant to be placed in your mouth and moved side to side until it dissolves. Do not chew as it may lead to nausea. Consume as and when there is a desire associated with the withdrawal of tobacco related products. Based on the length and consumption pattern of the tobacco habit, one may feel a slight tingling sensation when initially consuming DeBACCO. This is because over a period of time, smoking and chewing tobacco/gutkha erodes the mucous membrane in the mouth lining. Over consumption of a few pastilles the tingling sensation will pass. If the tingling sensation continues and is not tolerable, please discontinue use of DeBACCO.

How long should DeBACCO be used?
Each time you feel the urge to smoke a cigarette or chew gutkha, reach for a DeBACCO soft lozenge instead. Over repeated usage, you will find yourself smoking/chewing less and less and you will soon realize that you’ve quit the habit. TO AVOID A RELAPSE, CONTINUE USING DeBACCO FOR A MINIMUM OF 4 WEEKS AFTER YOU’VE QUIT SMOKING/TOBACCO COMPLETELY.

Is DeBACCO sugar free?
Yes, DeBACCO is sugar free and can be consumed by diabetics too.

Can I smoke or chew tobacco/gutkha while using DeBACCO?
While the aim of DeBACCO is to help you quit, we recommend a gradual process where you set the pace to give up the tobacco habit.

Can I eat or drink while or before using DeBACCO?

It is recommended that you consume DeBACCO independently. On contact with any liquid, nicotine may be discharged from the pastille faster than required, and may lead to nausea, heartburn or hiccups.

Can I use DeBACCO if I take other medications?

Consult your doctor before starting on DeBACCO.

Can I use DeBACCO if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Consult your doctor before starting on DeBACCO.

How is DeBACCO made?
DeBACCO is made with an innovative licensed German technology which allows encapsulated nicotine to be taste masked and released gradually. This technology ensures that if consumed in the prescribed manner, DO NOT CHEW | SUCK SLOWLY, you do not get the normal side effects like nausea or heartburn.

How should DeBACCO be stored?
Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct heat and sunlight as it may soften the pastille. If pastille is found in soft condition, refrigerate for 15 minutes before consuming. Always keep the strip facing product down and printed side upwards.